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Individuality Swimming - Parent and Baby Class

Lily was always going to be a water baby and following in my footsteps, has been swimming since she was 6-weeks old. We have traditionally attended the less formal adult and baby swimming sessions at our local leisure centre, which focused on water confidence rather than technique and independence. These sessions gave Lily a strong foundation and love of the water, but left her ready for the next stage. 
Individuality Swimming offer structured classes that incorporate a mixture of play and songs to develop baby's natural confidence in the water, coupled with sound technique building towards independent swimming. The class started with songs to establish a comfortable bond between parent, baby and instructor. Lily loves splashing about in the water and without realising, she has learnt to be comfortable with water on her face, including showers. This makes bath time so much easier, than the fear of less water-confident babies. 
Lily with my support used her legs and arms to swim half…
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Gatorade - Not just for Athletes

With so many races and challenges on the horizon, this gift set from Pepsi Gatorade could not have come at a better time! As I progress with my fitness journey, I am really trying to understand the importance of correct fuelling to improve my performance and endurance. Whilst I am working on increasing my running speed and distance to a consistent 10k and beyond, I do not need an excess of fuel like a performance athlete or marathon runner, which rules out so many of the traditional sports drinks and gels.

Hydration is still key to my muscle recovery and how I feel after a challenging workout, swim or run. Gatorade is not overly packed with glucose and calories averaging 59 kcals per 250ml, which would hamper my weight maintenance, instead offering carbohydrates and electrolytes for a healthier boost and more intelligent hydration. As I am currently breastfeeding, sports and energy drinks containing caffeine are just not an option, so it was really reassuring to discover that Gatorade…

Facial Aesthetics at Smart Skin Salon

As a relatively new mum, my skin has really suffered. Gone is the glowing, plump and clear skin of pregnancy and instead, I have sallow, dry and stressed skin, not caused by neglect but rather nearly a year of breastfeeding, sleepless nights and busy days swimming and walking in the sunshine. Whilst I do follow a cleanse, tone, moisturise routine, with regular face masks, my skin clearly needed help. 
Like so many people, I can tell you the symptoms of my unhappy skin, maybe even have a guess at the causes, but I am clueless when it comes to targeting the specific issues and have been 'stabbing in the dark' with treatments for far too long. Marta and her salon - Smart Skin Salon based in the heart of Charminster specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of skin issues from pigmentation, to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Our first meeting was a presentation on her favoured skin care range - Purles, for which she is the UK stockist and distributor. We learnt about the hero Pur…

Miss and Mr Dorset 2019 Finals

After a wonderful evening spent meeting the inspirational 2019 Miss and Mr Dorset finalists, I was lucky enough to be invited to the live final. Held at the prestigious Hilton Ballroom, the event comprised of an 'Eco-Wear' fashion show, a short interview, the top five talent round and awarding various titles such as the 'Smile Impact' award and the DW Fitness First Sports Award. Guests were treated to a delicious three-course meal, live musical and circus entertainment, a 'green' carpet and 360 revolution photobooth. 

There were so many interactive touches such as the pledge tree, where guests were asked to leave their own pledge for contributing more positively to the planet. I pledged to reduce my use of single-use plastics. The 'Wear it Green' theme looked to encourage us all to consider a bit harder the sustainability of our daily lives and strive to make small, positive changes, to benefit the fragile planet. This theme was also at the core of all a…

Compton Acres

Nestled in Poole's prestigious Canford Cliffs is a hidden oasis of colour and nature. Compton Acres is a multi-themed collection of beautiful gardens, caf├ęs, shops and event spaces, designed for relaxation and exploration. The themes include Japanese, woodland and Italian, each landscaped with beautiful explosions of flora, forna and sympathetic sculptures.
The thing that struck me about Compton Acres is the peacefulness of the astonishingly large gardens. You easily forget that you are in the middle of a busy residential area, just off of the main road to one of the most famous beaches in the world. You cannot hear the traffic, or hustle and bustle of the local shopping area. You can't even hear noise from the Italian Villa event space. You are lost in the buzz of bumble bees, rustling of trees and the soft hum of the breeze across ponds and flowers.
As I pushed the buggy easily around the buggy and wheelchair friendly paths, I encountered a few other visitors, but really fel…

Miss and Mr Dorset Finalists

Pageants are enjoying somewhat of a revival in that last few years, shedding their ‘world peace’ and identikit blonde, beauty queen image. With many of the national and international pageants dropping swimwear in favour of fitness or athleticism rounds and focusing more on community service than body measurements, young women and indeed men, are looking to pageantry as a way to boost their confidence and develop their careers.
In fact my journey into pageantry started with a desire to champion a cause, rather than win a sparkly crown. I was struggling with the devastating effects of long-term infertility and specifically the shame that is caused by the silence surrounding struggling to conceive, despite the fact that infertility affects 1 in 6 couples, which equates to over 3 million people. I saw pageantry as a way to raise the profile of infertility conversation and support Fertility Network UK, turning my very negative circumstance into a positive.
I certainly did not expect to win…

Shire Hall Historic Courthouse

This weekend, Lily, Jamie and I were invited to visit the Shire Hall Historic Courthouse in Dorchester. The museum is famous for the Tolpuddle Martyrs trial and promised an interactive and engaging day out for all the family. We certainly weren't disappointed.
From the moment we arrived, we could feel the absolute enthusiasm the staff and volunteers have for the stories behind Shire Hall. We were handed audio tour sets and found the commentary really interesting. The cases and stories really brought each room to life. In fact at the start we were asked to choose a case that we followed around the museum, becoming more and more eager to find out the verdict.
The films helped to humanise an understanding of law throughout the duration of Shire Hall's history. Each area had an interactive activity, designed to pique the interest of younger visitors. Whilst Lily is only 10-months old, there was so much to keep her entertained. She loved the films and exploring the cells in particu…