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The truth about Infertility

My fertility journey has been a very downward journey thus far, with each month of disappointment finding a little more faith lost and my heart a lot more broken. When finally in August I felt like I had hit my breaking point. At this time we were still facing our struggle alone and shrouded in secrecy, which in hindsight was a big mistake.

In our naive view we were keeping the fact we were trying to build a family a secret, so that our eventual happy news would be a bigger surprise. Now for 90% of couples this is totally true and it must be wonderful to see the excitement on the faces of your loved ones. I hope to experience this one day......

However for the 10% of us that struggle, the longer the process drags on, the more of yourself you lose, the duller your sparkle becomes and you become a bitter shadow of your former self. Your loved ones can't understand why you are so distant and not up for a party anymore.

By holding onto our secret for too long, what we did was magnify the pain and increase the weight of our despair to an unmanageable level, until one day I snapped. I had reached a cross roads, either I kept following this dark path inside or I shared our burden with those that love us. We made the decision together to share our struggle publicly on social media and wow what an impact it had. We were overwhelmed by couples sharing their stories, often for the first time, we were also showered with love, support and well-wishes which has made a huge difference to our mental wellbeing. 

We found that society just doesn't talk about infertility and like us, everyone assumes that building a family will come easily. The result of this misconception is that you are left angry and confused when it doesn't happen as you expected. I really wanted to use my time as Mrs Dorset Enchanting to raise awareness of long-term infertility and to help couples have the confidence to seek help from their loved ones and from medial professionals. 

I have donated my time to talk openly with other couples on the journey and continue to share information and awareness campaigns on social media. I welcome your comments, questions and support. Within this blog I will share some of the things that have helped me, although I am not an expert and speak only from a well-being perspective. If you are having problems conceiving, I urge you to share your story with your loved ones and seek medical advice if you need it. Let's all be open about this subject and save ourselves a whole world of unnecessary pain.