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Mrs Enchanting World Charities

As part of Mrs Enchanting World, we are encouraged to support three charities that have been selected by the pageant directors. I personally have completed an 8-mile sponsored walk (I am 20-weeks pregnant and struggled to walk long-distance, so this was quite the challenge!), I have auctioned rare memorabilia and launched social media donation drives. It feels really good to know that my hard work is making a difference to those that really need the support. 

The three charities are diverse and provide vital help to vulnerable communities, these are POD Volunteer, Bullies Out and Project Code Red.

POD Volunteer and POD Charity

Established in 2001, POD Volunteer and POD Charity aim to, "Give volunteers the opportunity to use their energy, enthusiasm and skills where it counts." Described as inspiring, ethical and non-profit, POD Volunteer partner with animal sanctuaries, conservation projects and education & community initiatives around the world. 

POD volunteer are unique be…

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga found me by accident, I had been practicing Ashtanga for a while and loved the sequences at the start of the class that challenge your strength and stamina. I had never heard of Vinyasa until I signed up to a series of classes on the beach. I signed up for the yoga class and found myself doing a flow of movements that felt very fam. With the sound of waves in the background and the feel of the sand between my toes, I almost forgot I was pushing myself.
Fast forward a few months and I once again found myself in a Vinyasa Flow class by accident. This time I kept into Pip Taverner, one of my favourite yoga teachers and vowed to give her a class a go. I was besotted with her Groove Om Deep House Yoga classes and against my better judgment found myself in the hot room at The Yoga Lounge - my regular yoga studio. Her class fused the music and sequences of her Groove Om classes, with the heat of Bikram class which made for a tough workout. I attended regularly and really not…


Swimming has always been a big part of my life, from growing up as a 'water-baby' to training as a beach and pool lifeguard in my teens. On holiday I can usually be found near a pool of some description. I have not however been particularly disciplined at swimming for fitness, which requires lane swimming rather than paddling. That is until I rather boldly signed up to the 2017 Aspire Channel Swim Challenge, which requires you to swim 22 miles over a 12-week period.
I threw myself into the challenge and encouraged others to join me, completing training sessions at my local pool, every Monday and Friday after work. Starting at 1/2 miles a session, I quickly built up the stamina and strength to swim a mile in around 50 minutes. I took great pride in logging my swims on the challenge website and seeing my pin gradually cross the English Channel. I was also reaping the rewards physically; my body was toned and the lbs dropped off. Nothing could hamper my enthusiasm, even when on ho…