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Getting to Know Mrs Enchanting World and her Sister Queens and King

Hi All,

For my second post as Mrs Enchanting World, I really wanted to get to know my Sister Queens and King better. My absolute favourite thing about the Enchanting World pageant is the sense of community that we have. It is safe to say that we all entered as competitors and finished as a family. In fact many of the 2018 contestants are returning in 2020 and we still speak to them every day! We are scattered all over the country and have very different backgrounds, but that make us a diverse and accepting family. Read on to find out more about the amazing and inspirational ladies and gentleman that are representing the Enchanting World pageant for the next two years.

Maria Parker - Harris - Mrs Enchanting World:

1. What does it mean to you to be the new Mrs Enchanting World?

Winning Mrs Enchanting World means absolutely everything to me! The journey was not an easy one and started as a way of channelling the anger and sadness that I experienced whilst facing long-term infertility into a…

In the World of Mrs Enchanting World and her fellow Queens and King

Now that we have all had a little time to recover from our life-changing wins, we would like to get to know you all better. Our titles started as advocates for our home town or counties, showcasing the wonderful sights and culture that make our bases unique. Now we are advocates for the big wide world and we can't wait to start our adventures! 
As your Mrs Enchanting World, I wanted to get find out about the home towns and travel dreams of my fellow Queens and King. Here are our answers, keep an eye out for future posts where we share the must see secrets of a variety of locations we will visit over our reigns. 

Maria Parker - Harris - Mrs Enchanting World:
1. What is the best thing about your home town - Bournemouth?
Well the beach is for sure a big attraction. We have 7-miles of golden sand, which is perfect for surfing, sunbathing and sunset BBQs. In fact our beach was named the top UK beach and #14 in the world, pretty impressive right!
2. If you could visit anywhere in th…

Pre-natal Exercise

Exercise was vital to my fertility journey! Before I fell pregnant, I was swimming twice a week, attended a weekly ashtanga yoga class, a weekly hot vinyasa yoga class, hiked at the weekend and attended at least one circuits, clubbercise or fitness class. It was safe to say that I was very active and my physique showed the benefits. I had lost more that the required 10% of my body weight and was looking toned and lean.
After a time, our latest treatment plan was successful and we were blessed with  a miracle. A healthy pregnancy was more than I could ever have wished for. I vowed to continue to stay healthy and active throughout my pregnancy, whilst remaining safe. Nothing could have prepared me for how difficult the first trimester would be. The sickness was nearly every evening (when I did most of my exercise) and the food aversions made keeping up a healthy diet impossible.
I had visions of swimming and hiking throughout my pregnancy, but with the sickness and fatigue, it became eas…