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My Chosen Charities: Fertility Network UK, Dorset Dogs and Project Code Red

My Chosen Charities: Fertility Network UK, Dorset Dogs and Project Code Red

With no doubt in my mind, the BEST part of winning Mrs Enchanting World, is being able to choose my own charities to support and champion. Here I will share who they are and how I am planning to support them. But first a brief recap about how I discovered them and how I have worked with both charities on my journey to Mrs Enchanting World.

Fertility Network UK

It was at the depth of my conception struggles, that I was searching for resources online to make sense of the confusing and conflicting medical advice I received from Dr's. I came across Fertility Network UK and their collection of articles, interviews and other valuable content, that really seemed to lift the fog and gave honest accounts of real-life experience. Throughout my journey, I have spoken openly about my own battle with infertility and taken part in online initiatives such as National Fertility Awareness Week, as I realised how important th…

Mrs Enchanting World Explores: Part One - Scotland

Mrs Enchanting World Explores: Part One - Scotland

As Mrs Enchanting World, my plan is to make the most of my 'travel bug' and explore this wonderful world full of eclectic cultures and history. Whilst I may not be able to manage long-haul travel at the moment, I can make the most of my upcoming maternity leave and plan a series of UK and short-haul trips. Like many people, my bucket list is never ending and it is so easy to put off the shorter trips in favour of the 'once-in-a-lifetime' long holidays. I hope to share with you all my adventures and experiences. You never know, you may even be inspired to explore your own country or start ticking destinations off of your own bucket list.

Historic Edinburgh

I have loved Edinburgh since I first visited to perform in the Fringe Festival in 2014. Everytime I visit I seem to discover something new. This time the theme was history, in no small part inspired by the third season of Starz' hit time-travelling drama - Outlande…

Infertility, Pregnancy and Learning to Love my Body

Infertility, Pregnancy and Learning to Love my Body
I think it is safe to say that most women have a love hate relationship with their bodies. The media, beauty industry and even clothing stores make you feel like your measurements never quite add up. As quickly as you think you have solved one ‘flaw’ they are telling you to be conscious of another. Learning to accept your changing physique against a backdrop of negative messages is no mean feat. Now add infertility into the mix and suddenly your body isn’t just ‘flawed’ it is ‘faulty’ and ‘no longer fit for purpose’ according to society. If you had asked me in my twenties, what my biggest body worries were, infertility would have been bottom of the list!
This is the situation I found myself in, a situation no woman ever expects. We are made to believe that as soon as we choose to start a family (or before in some cases), the next month we will be blessed with the positive blue lines and the next phase of our lives will begin. Right? W…

How can Public Relations help your Pageant Journey?

How can Public Relations help your Pageant Journey?
It is a little know fact that major pageants provide their title holders with a PR expert throughout their reign, but what is PR and why should you care? Well in short, PR or Public Relations covers any activity that engages the media, social media, appearances and event management with the view of increasing your visibility to the wider public. In pageant terms it means making sure you are featured in the right press, attend the best events and have comprehensive and effective social media posts to make sure that people know who you are and what your title is. So let’s break it down into smaller elements and talk about what you can do to improve your visibility:

Media Relations
I think every pageant contestant has sent an email to their local paper hoping for an interview or story in their publication. But why do 99% of these emails get ignored? Well it is simple, journalists are one of the most time-poor careers today and they do no…

My Road to Mrs Enchanting World

Hi All,

So many of you lovely followers are new to pageants and are brimming with questions. I am by no means an expert, but can try and answer some of them from my personal experience.

Pageantry is so far removed from my day to day world, that I often had to explain to concept to friends and family. They would all ask the same thing, "Is it where you smile a lot on stage and ask for world peace?" If only it were that simple right! In reality the road to a pageant starts months, sometimes years in advance with appearances, fundraising, outfit planning & customisation and finally the couple of hours you actually spend on stage.

So what is a modern pageant and what does it involve?

Well first thing is first, you need to find a pageant that suits you. Are you looking to support a charity that is personal to you, or are you happy to fund-raise for a charity set by the pageant? Are you hoping to compete internationally or perhaps your budget only stretches to regional or nationa…