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How to Handle Rejection

Rejection is a part of life, in whatever avenue you take. You can never be everyone's 'cup of tea' and facing rejection can be hard. Whether in love, career or hobby, rejection can really knock your confidence, but with a few easy steps, you can handle rejection in a much more constructive way.  I think it is safe to say that we have all have job applications rejected. Often you send off your CV and carefully crafted covering letter, to not even receive a response. Most of us are used to this form of mass rejection and don't let it worry us. The hard form of rejection is when you are invited for an interview and then don't get the job. Was it something I said? Was it my qualifications? Did they just not like me? Despite the well meaning advise to ask for feedback, when a job offer isn't on the table, most companies simply don't have the time and another form of rejection in an already sensitive scenario can be painful. Try not to take it personally if you h…

Tamsin - Tropic Skincare and Reiki Treatment

When my friend Tamsin invited me to the launch of her Tropic Skincare and Reiki event, I was all over it! I had heard of Tropic Skincare, but knew very little about it. I had also had reiki as part of a massage treatment a few years ago, and remember feeling an increase in energy afterwards, so was intrigued to find out more.
Tropic Skincare offer vegan, cruelty free and natural products for skin, hair and beauty. Originating from a love of botanicals and plants in Australia, their products focus on nourishing and fresh ingredients that nurture and support the skin. 
I tested the facial ABC Skincare range and found that my skin felt softer and had a natural glow. My favourite products were:
Smoothing Cleanser - using jojoba, avocado and eucalyptus, this cleanser and bamboo wash cloth clears dead skin cells and day to day pollutants, leaving skin clear, clean and fresh feeling. Unlike many cleansers, this product didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or stressed, my skin felt comforta…

Beat the Street - Weymouth and Portland

Lily and I were invited to test a new health and fitness initiative, happening across Weymouth and Portland over October and November. Beat the Street is encouraging young children and their families to take up walking, running or cycling with a new points-based competition. Participants are issued a map, fob or card and a link to register their fob or card. Once registered points are collected by tapping as many boxes as possible over the 6-week period. Weymouth and Portland have 49 boxes to tap and participants collect points individually and on behalf of their school, club or team, with the highest scorers (total and average) winning prizes such as sports and fitness vouchers.

Sensor boxes are on average 1/2 mile apart and points start collecting once the second box is tapped (i.e the first box of your route is 0 points and the second box issue 10 points). We started with box 30, which was really easy to find, close to the train station and in a lovely beach-front location. Next we…

Lush Bournemouth - A Festive Preview

I was so excited to be invited to the Bournemouth Bloggers event at Lush Bournemouth. We were full of festive cheer, and ready to review the new seasonal product range. Normally at these sorts of events, you smell delicious festive products and test some of the creams on your skin, but this event blew us away.
When we arrived, we were served prosecco in a Lush black pot (collect 5 and get a free face mask BTW) and given a name badge, so that networking was so much less stressful. We were then encouraged to pick a partner, who would be our practise participant when testing the new range of massage bars. We were taught massage techniques, so that our partners could experience the range of massage bars on offer. Some of the bars contain shimmer powders (hello Christmas party) and others are packed with essential oils for a relaxing and soothing application. We were left feeling calmer and bonded with our buddy for the night, many of whom we had never met before.
Next we were invited to ma…

Pizza Express

Picture the scene, your baby is howling, the wind is gale force, everyone is staring and tutting (of course) and you haven't eaten since breakfast. Baby won't go in the pram or carrier and nothing will soothe them. This was me on Friday, walking (more like a dragging march) down Poole High Street.
I knew she was hungry, but was also extremely bothered by the wind, so feeding al fresco was not an option. Frazzled, I headed to the only place I have had a consistently great breastfeeding experience - Pizza Express.
When I was first heading out as a new and nervous mum, we headed to Pizza Express because of the £5 main offer with O2 Priorities. What I found was that the service was great and totally made me feel normal for breastfeeding. The staff took our order and brought our meal whilst I fed, without batting an eye. From here I was brave enough to visit alone and enjoyed the same great experience.
So back to Poole. Normally I would only go into a restaurant if Lily was settle…

Renoufs Wimborne

Renoufs was a favourite haunt of ours before Lily was on the horizon, we even visited for an anniversary whilst I was expecting. Renoufs is more than a collection of delicious cheeses and charcuterie (although who can resist a good cheese board?), they offer excellent service, knowledgeable staff and an intimate atmosphere - perfect for celebrating. You have space to really enjoy each other's company and with the help of the Renoufs team, always discover something new.
Once Lily arrived, I really missed visiting Renoufs and didn't imagine that we could go again, until babysitters were scheduled. It felt like a lifetime away. Until one Saturday, we were planning a trip to Wimborne and thought it worth asking if they could accept bookings with a baby in tow. I messaged the team on Facebook and very quickly received a response that Lily was welcome. Hurrah!
We booked for a prime lunchtime slot and hoped for the best. Well to my surprise, Lily behaved impeccably, aside from needing …

Lush Bournemouth - A Paradise for Mamas

When considering where to go when you are tired, stressed and covered in baby goo, Lush is unlikely to be on the tip of your tongue. The trendy assistants and touchable products are not baby friendly you think. Well I confess I felt the same, until I was invited to an event celebrating the launch of their new seasonal range. I am still breastfeeding, so try to bring madam where appropriate, so off I toddled with Lily in the carrier..
When I arrived, the music was loud, the smells intoxicating and there was activity everywhere. On paper it sounds like a recipe for disaster, but what actually happened was that the sensory experience lulled Lily into a deep sleep, after she had been thoroughly entertained. 
She of course needed to be fed during the event, so I wandered off looking for a chair. The staff could not have been more helpful! They offered me a chair, numerous beverages (so very kind) and asked if I needed anything to make my experience more comfortable. Whilst the other blogger…