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Bombay Sapphire Distillery - A Review

The Bombay Sapphire Distillery is unexpectedly based in rural Hampshire, with easy access via train and bus. No need to drive - hurrah! A shuttle bus collects you from Micheldever and Overton train stations for just £3 return, making the journey accessible and easy to plan. The tour takes you on a sensory exploration of the history, making and make-up of the world-famous, blue glass enclosed gin. From the original stores and worker homes, to the state of the art glass buildings, the self-guided tour is fascinating and engaging.

My favourite part was the aroma room, where you explore the aromas from the many ingredients that blend to make this delicious liquid. Aromas you like, get a hold punch on your card, those that are not so nasally pleasing - move on! From here, you find a pattern that recommends a group of cocktails to select from in the tasting room. It is so much easier than scanning a massive menu in the busy bar! Finally a guided tour of the stills room, rounds of an insight…

Chicken & Blues Winton - A Review

Chicken & Blues have three restaurants and a touring food truck (Boscombe, Ashley Cross and their newest addition- Winton). They specialise in great quality, home-made chicken wraps and portions. Their sauces and wrap boosters were originally what set them apart, but now their great range of sides, drinks and their Sunday Roast menu, make them a popular destination with families, young professionals and seekers of post-workout protein. They offer comfortable, casual dining with the sounds of Americana and a vintage vibe.

Ease of communication

N/A - There is never a need to book, unless you are in a large group. The menu is easily accessed online and their app contains a great range of easily accessed offers, such a 241 wraps on Wednesdays.

Breastfeeding friendly?
5/5 - I must confess I did feel a little unsure about breastfeeding here, as the core clientele tend to be young males in groups, or solo and fresh from the gym. A far cry from a mum tribe. Normally I grab a take away to eat…

Conto Lounge - A Review

The Lounges are quirky, vintage inspired caf├ęs spread across the country. They offer great cakes, tapas, cocktails and brunch, with specialised menus including vegan and gluten free. A wide range of coffees and hot drinks are available, but the home made lemonades and milkshakes are really worth a look, especially when you have the breastfeeding thirst. Each venue is buggy friendly and welcomes dogs, which is great for a whole family day out.
Ease of communication
N/A - The Lounges are the perfect coffee break destination with small groups of fellow mums, or friends, as you can usually find a comfy seat without any need to book. It is worth booking if you are in a larger group however.
Breastfeeding friendly?
5/5 - The Lounges are openly encouraging of little visitors, with the provision of games, colouring, books, high-chairs and a wonderful children's menu. Mums can always be found with their babies bottle feeding, breastfeeding and everything in between. Being a breastfeeding mum h…

Body Shop Christmas Gifting Guide

I was so excited to be invited to the Body Shop Bournemouth's Festive Showcase this week. I must confess that I haven't really visited since the school days of fruit scented body sprays (sprayed far too liberally in my case) and fruity lip balms.  I absolutely love the Body Shop's ethics, but had just fallen out of touch with their range. I was absolutely blown away with how much has changed. The ranges are sophisticated and packed full of nourishing and issue-tailored ingredients, such as hemp, coconut oil and tea tree. 
The Skincare line has sleep masks, serums and oils, which are really effective and a great guilt-free competitor to the top anti-aging skincare brands. I was gifted samples of the Drops of Youth cream, concentrate and sleep mask, which did my fatigued and neglected skin the world of good. 
But deep down I was really happy to see the body butters, delicious scented shower gels and hand creams of my youth. There was a collective cheer when we found the White M…

Breastfeeding Friendly Directory - Dorset

BH2 Odeon Cinema, Bournemouth - Newbie Screenings
Breastfeeding friendly?
5/5 - I could see due to the soft light, I had plenty of room in the seat and as a bonus, the cup holders meant I could reach my drink and feed at the same time. Staff were respectful, but non-plussed when I had to latch madam repeatedly. I felt completely comfortable, especially surrounded by other mums who normalised the need to feed on demand.

Costa Coffee, Poole
Breastfeeding friendly?
5/5 - OK so, with the past press coverage aside, here is my experience. I breastfed in the Poole branch around lunchtime. I found the shop to be full of other mums and their children, which in itself made me feel more comfortable. I don't tend to use a muslin or sling cover to feed as Lily doesn't like it and I get more stressed trying to see what I am doing. With this in mind, I had absolutely no issues feeding. If any customers around me minded, they kept it quiet and staff left me well alone to feed at my leisure. I was …

Breastfeeding Support - Let's Make the Change!

UK breastfeeding levels are some of the lowest in the world, with 81% initiating breastfeeding, but only 24% still exclusively breastfeeding at 6-weeks, 17% at 3-months and 1% at 6-months. Only 34% of UK mums still have any level of breastfeeding at 6-months.

When asking mums why they no longer breastfeed, the answer is almost always the same - lack of support and fear of breastfeeding in public. The latter is being targeted by a number of us mama bloggers, through campaigns such as #normalisebreastfeeding and #dropthecover.
Can I Breastfeed in it UK covers the breastfeeding friendliness of a wide range of clothing (vital as the weather turns colder). Breastfeeding World started as an NYC photo project, that now shares images of women from across the world breastfeeding, to help normalise this most natural way of feeding our babes.
I review a range of local venues for breastfeeding friendliness as part of my blog. I found that finding out information about a location's breastfeed…