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Christmas at Beaulieu

Beaulieu is famous for a world-renowned collection of motorised vehicles, including vintage, sports, prototypes and even Top Gear collections. Beaulieu often holds special events with a motor-vehicle appropriate theme, such as auto jumbles, brand days and hot rod events. The site is not however often associated with Christmas or as a festive must-see destination.
For 2018 Beaulieu has introduced a festive evening event that turns the site into a treasure trove of light shows, nostalgic fairground rides and innovative stalls. Our first stop was to grab a hot drink to take around with us and we were very nearly tempted by one of the adorable homemade cupcakes, sporting snowmen, holly or Christmas trees. My dad did find the star shaped shortbread irresistible however.
From here you walk straight into the arena, which contains a charming vintage Christmas market and fair ground. The carousel in particular was very popular with families. The music is classic, think Bing Crosby rather than …

Nativitea at the Bell Inn, Brook

I am a big fan of afternoon tea, even opting for the classic combination of finger sandwiches, fluffy scones and delicate cakes over a more traditional buffet at our wedding. Many a birthday, my baby shower and bridal shower has featured the three-tiered cake stand. It even manages to find a place in our holidays, parties and as of last year, as a treat during the Christmas holidays.
The Bell Inn have also created a festive slant on the traditional afternoon tea, albeit a lot more sophisticated than my attempt (yes I am looking at you frosted fancies). With an enviable team in their kitchen, including Head Chef Mark and their extremely talented pastry chef Ellie, this is a far cry from the often stodgy offerings found on discount sites.
What is Nativitea?
Nativitea is a Christmas-inspired afternoon tea, that is full of surprises! With a choice of three sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls and three desserts, this is a filling, satisfying, but not overdone treat to celebrate the season. …

Brewhouse and Kitchen - a Review

As the cold nights draw in, our minds naturally turn to comfort food served in cosy locations. The Brewhouse and Kitchen on Poole Hill have the perfect seasonal menu to warm and satisfy, served in a warm and casual venue.
Here are my favourites from their menu:
Sticky BBQ wings with a blue cheese dip - surprisingly juicy, with a sharp blue cheese dip. This will be an absolute hit with my wing-obsessed husband. I found myself hogging the dip and going back for more wings!
Mini goat’s cheese, with roasted shallot coulis, red basil, heritage tomato and crostini - I am not traditionally a lover of goats cheese, but these totally won me over! Creamy and strong in flavour, I will definitely order this again.
Mac n cheese melts with chili jam - mac n cheese is my favourite food pleasure and there were delicious. Not too rich, but comforting all the same. They were a hit with the whole table during tasting.
Freshly baked bread sticks with balsamic & olive oil, classic hummus and beetroot hu…

Bournemouth’s Christmas Tree Wonderland

Lily and I were so excited to be invited to Bournemouth’s Christmas Tree Wonderland on Friday. I must confess, as I approach my first Christmas as a mum, I was not feeling too festive, rather thinking about all of the extra things that need to be done, with a lot less time than years previous.
Although Christmas shopping for Lily is an absolute joy, it has struck me how many of the Christmas events, we can no longer attend as we have a baby in tow. Some are too late in the evening, some in unsuitable venues, some just don't allow children, which makes navigating our usual festive traditions very tricky.
So imagine our joy when a baby-friendly invitation arrived! We would experience the Alpine Bar, Bournemouth Christmas Market, Bournemouth Skate & Moguls Alpine Bar, Santa's Grotto, the Big Wheel and the show stopping Christmas Tree Wonderland. I delved into our wardrobe of festive outfits with the excitement of a small child!
Here are my top tips for a fabulous, festive (and…