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Flower Crowns with Crafts and Giggles

When I was invited to try a flower crown making workshop with Crafts and Giggles, I was really excited. I find crafting really therapeutic, but very much lack any discernible ability. Flower crowns really appeal to my vintage style, but they are never luxurious from the high street. I couldn't wait to have access to high-quality materials and instruction from a crafting expert.

Crafts and Giggles offers a wide range of crafting parties and events, across the UK and Ireland, such as glass painting, bunting making and even pastie making for hen parties. Their attention to detail, crafting knowledge and ability to put crafters of all abilities at ease, makes them the perfect go-to for hen parties, children's parties and even corporate events. Our group certainly contained nervous crafters and Katie handled us with ease. She was warm, encouraging and we all left truly proud of what we had made (so proud we all shot off around Poole for impromptu IG photoshoots).

We were offered refreshments and were greeted with a table piled high with beautiful silk flowers of all varieties, shades and colours, from bright lilies, to pastel roses and realistic foliage. We were shown how to make the crown base using rope and were paired off for head measuring and rope snipping. Katie encouraged us to work as a group, as crafting can be a focused and individual activity. She ensured that we were giggling from start to finish and really got to know each other through our choices of colours and flowers. This is a great way to start your hen party, if you have a wide mix of people that don't yet know each other. Break the ice and make something beautiful that you can treasure, whilst having a really fun time.

I found attaching the flowers relatively easy, but struggled a little with the taping, after a little demo and some assistance, I had created a beautiful, full flower crown. We were even offered customisations such as ribbon ties, which was a lovely touch. I would really recommend this workshop, especially to start a hen weekend, or as a bridal shower/ baby shower activity. I had a great time and have hung up my flower crown with pride. I am sure it is not the last time it will be worn!