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Stables Bournemouth Pizza School

On Tuesday I was invited to Stables Bournemouth for their pizza school. Winning! What I love most about Stables' pizza is the thin crust and the locally sourced toppings. Their pizza's are light, flavoursome and so very satisfying but without the stodgy bloating of most take away/restaurant pizzas. I was intrigued to find out more.

Chef Campbell - Executive Chef for the Stables group was on hand to show us from scratch how they make these ever-popular, often sell out pizzas. Starting with the sauce, we learnt about the fresh ingredients including basil, tomatoes and garlic to name just a few. The sauce is so often forgotten but provides the foundation for the perfect pizza. Chef demonstrated the best step by step order to bring out the flavours of the fresh ingredients and we learnt how not to cover ourselves in sauce when adding liquid ingredients (so simple and I know we have all coated the splashback in sauce before).

Once the sauce was simmering and we were salivating (we really need blog smellovision to be a thing), we were taught about the bases. Using organic flour that marries with the ethical values of Stables, the base recipe is a labour of love created over a series of experiments. As the group grew, the need for in-house bases meant that there was an opportunity to create their very own base style. It certainly worked, because their light crispy and fluffy bases keep people coming back time and time again. As the bases prove overnight, we were sent to the bar, whilst individual pizza bases (prepared earlier) and heaps of toppings were laid out.

When we got back to our station, we were almost uncontainably excited! We had so many high quality topping to choose from, giving us the opportunity to make our very own, unique pizza. We were shown how to spread the sauce for the perfect coverage, without a soggy bottom and it was topping time. I chose a blend of Dorset Vinney Blue Cheese, Dorset Red cheese, Cornish Coastal Cheddar, Roseary Goat's cheese and a dash of mozzarella, coupled with roasted chicken and fresh basil leaves. Did you know that the cheese should sit on top of the basil to prevent scorching?

Our pizzas were taken to the ovens and we waited (not very patiently) for the bubbling works of art to be served. My pizza was devoured in a matter of minutes and whilst not heavy, it was the perfect size. So much so after a rest and a lot of chatting I ran the 3-miles home.

Stables Bournemouth has a really lovely, warm atmosphere. It feels intimate and casual, perfect for date night or catching up with friends. They are the absolute experts on cider pairing and have a wide range on tap and bottles. They also have a suntrap balcony, perfect for soaking up a little evening sun. I am already craving more Stables pizza, so will be back very soon.