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Facial Aesthetics at Smart Skin Salon

As a relatively new mum, my skin has really suffered. Gone is the glowing, plump and clear skin of pregnancy and instead, I have sallow, dry and stressed skin, not caused by neglect but rather nearly a year of breastfeeding, sleepless nights and busy days swimming and walking in the sunshine. Whilst I do follow a cleanse, tone, moisturise routine, with regular face masks, my skin clearly needed help. 

Like so many people, I can tell you the symptoms of my unhappy skin, maybe even have a guess at the causes, but I am clueless when it comes to targeting the specific issues and have been 'stabbing in the dark' with treatments for far too long. Marta and her salon - Smart Skin Salon based in the heart of Charminster specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of skin issues from pigmentation, to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Our first meeting was a presentation on her favoured skin care range - Purles, for which she is the UK stockist and distributor. We learnt about the hero Purles products, such as a mist suncream that doesn't upset your make up, and the DNA Protection Expert VitC Serum Perfector which can protect against skin damage and leaves skin with a glorious glow. 

We were given samples of the new Peptide Hydrogel Eye Patches and Laser Precision Filler to test and the results were staggering. I had never considered eye skin care before (call it the arrogance of youth) and thought that applying my usual moisturiser to my eye skin was sufficient. I could not have been more wrong! Marta explained that the eye skin is much more delicate and thinner than facial skin and needs targeted care. Marta also talked us through the range of skin peels available and the appropriate uses of them, for example gentle peels can be used all year round, but stronger peels are only advised during the winter months as they require vigorous sun protection. 

We were invited back to the salon to have our skin assessed and the results were thorough. My skin results were pretty shocking and highlighted just how much help my skin needed. Factors such as sebum, exfoliation, skin structure, wrinkles and pores were analysed using a camera tool and test strips, which allowed Marta to show me exactly where the problem areas lay. It wasn't all doom and gloom however, as the results laid out a comprehensive treatment plan, with lots of practical and easy to incorporate solutions. One of the main recommendations I have taken away is that I need to be consistent with my suncare and incorporate a hyaluronic acid moisturiser into my routine. 

The next step was to return to Smart Skin for a tailored facial and gentle chemical peel. Marta had selected the DNA Protection Expert range for my skin, as it targets skin damage caused by environment and lifestyle, leaving skin refreshed, radiant and youthful. My skin analysis results spoke a picture of premature ageing and damage, that needed to be addressed, before they progressed. Marta used the Gentle Cleaning Milk and Micellar Water

 to remove traces of that morning's baby swim class and general pollution. Next Marta applied a 67 A-peel 45%, to gently resurface the epidermis and have skin to rejuvenate and replenish vital cells. I was nervous about the peel being painful, or leaving me with bright pink and peeling skin, but the peel was gentle and not designed to be as reactive as stronger, deeper peels. I had no discomfort and my skin needed limited after care, which was perfect for my schedule. My skin was then treated with the DNA Protection Expert Black Mask, Perfector Activator, VitC Serum Perfector, VitC Cream Perfector and Eye Cream Perfector. My skin was left absolutely glowing and felt very comfortable most importantly. Marta really listened to my skin concerns, but also really got to grips with my skin and taught me so many practical solutions. I found the facial treatment really relaxing and the results were so much more long-term and visible that a more traditional salon facial. I would really recommend a visit to Smart Skin to start your journey to happy, healthy skin and a more confident you.