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Gatorade - Not just for Athletes

With so many races and challenges on the horizon, this gift set from Pepsi Gatorade could not have come at a better time! As I progress with my fitness journey, I am really trying to understand the importance of correct fuelling to improve my performance and endurance. Whilst I am working on increasing my running speed and distance to a consistent 10k and beyond, I do not need an excess of fuel like a performance athlete or marathon runner, which rules out so many of the traditional sports drinks and gels.

Hydration is still key to my muscle recovery and how I feel after a challenging workout, swim or run. Gatorade is not overly packed with glucose and calories averaging 59 kcals per 250ml, which would hamper my weight maintenance, instead offering carbohydrates and electrolytes for a healthier boost and more intelligent hydration. As I am currently breastfeeding, sports and energy drinks containing caffeine are just not an option, so it was really reassuring to discover that Gatorade does not contain caffeine.

The set contained everything I needed for post workout hydration - a handy sports bottle so that I have no excuse, a towel because I work hard and sweat to prove it and all four flavours of Gatorade; lemon, orange, red orange and cool blue. I personally favoured the lemon as I found it light and refreshing, perfect for after a hot and challenging run, or a long hiit session. Whilst Gatorade wouldn't be required after every workout, when you are really pushing your speed, distance or stamina, a quick hydration hit can be just the thing to aid your hydration and recovery, or give you a little boost to reach the finish line.

Pepsi (Gatorade) have gifted me (this
product), but all views are my own.