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Miss and Mr Dorset 2019 Finals

After a wonderful evening spent meeting the inspirational 2019 Miss and Mr Dorset finalists, I was lucky enough to be invited to the live final. Held at the prestigious Hilton Ballroom, the event comprised of an 'Eco-Wear' fashion show, a short interview, the top five talent round and awarding various titles such as the 'Smile Impact' award and the DW Fitness First Sports Award. Guests were treated to a delicious three-course meal, live musical and circus entertainment, a 'green' carpet and 360 revolution photobooth. 

There were so many interactive touches such as the pledge tree, where guests were asked to leave their own pledge for contributing more positively to the planet. I pledged to reduce my use of single-use plastics. The 'Wear it Green' theme looked to encourage us all to consider a bit harder the sustainability of our daily lives and strive to make small, positive changes, to benefit the fragile planet. This theme was also at the core of all activities in the run up to Mr and Miss Dorset and indeed for the duration of the winners' reigns, from the prizes of sustainable flip flops, or ethical coffee shop packages, to the charity focus and planned events with We do Ethical. 
The event was surprisingly different from traditional pageants, where contestants compete in an off-stage interview and on-stage swim or fitness wear, fashion wear and evening wear rounds. In a traditional pageant, the majority of scoring is based on appearance and performance during the on-stage rounds, with an allocation of points awarded during the interview and for completing appearances and fundraising activities. Miss and Mr Dorset was refreshingly different. Staying true to their message that appearance is no longer at the heart of modern pageantry, contestants only completed one traditional style round, but with a twist - contestants were tasked to 'Wear it Green'  and design their own eco wear. the messages and inspiration behind the garments, really gave us an insight into their personalities and priorities. The concepts varied greatly and I found it really inspiring to learn more about each contestant's causes. 

After the eco-focused, talent, fitness and service awards had been announced, it was time to crown Miss and Mr Dorset 2019. Alina Green, a fashion student at AUB was crowned Miss Dorset 2019 and said, "I am so excited to be the new Miss Dorset, there were some amazing finalists this year so I am so shocked that I have won, I can’t wait to start enforcing change in Dorset". Liam Ulla, owner of New Century Chauffeurs was crowned Mr Dorset 2019 and said, “I am so proud to be Mr Dorset, it is such an honour to be able to use my platform to make a positive change to the world and our futures. I can’t wait to work with Kelly Levell over the next year and make some really great changes to the community".

I can't wait to see what Alina and Liam achieve over the next year and will be cheering them on in their respective national finals. Their ethical and green living message is really vital and I look forward to learning from their fantastic examples. 
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